At Parrish Properties, we understand that selling your home is personal. Our homes are our sanctuaries – where we live as newlyweds, raise our children, invite family and friends to gather, and lay our heads down at night. We also appreciate the effort that goes into maintaining a home and the monetary investment that it takes to update it over time. In knowing this, we place a great deal of importance on how we present your home on the open market in an effort to get you the best possible price for your investment. We also operate with great efficiency to ensure that your time is utilized in the best possible way, and we try to take as much off our clients’ plates as possible. 

Regardless of the type of market we are in, competitively pricing a home at the current market value ensures that a seller will capture the largest pool of buyers. If priced too high, the property can become stagnant on the market, and if priced too low, even multiple offers may not drive it up to the price it should be. If priced correctly, sellers can get the maximum potential value.


Pre-Listing Appointment

To begin the process, a time is set to preview the home. While the area and floor plan may be common, it is important for to see how the home has been maintained, what improvements have been made, finishes, etc. No two homes are the same and this ensures that the home’s unique elements are considered when comparing it to others that have sold.


Listing Presentation

Once previewed and a market analysis is completed, a follow up meeting is scheduled to present findings. In this meeting, pricing is reviewed with the client, as well as advertising spend, marketing strategy, and recommendations that will help the property show at its best.


Listing Agreement

Should the client decide to move forward with working together, a time is scheduled to review and sign all listing paperwork and seller disclosures. By signing everything up front, it takes some of the burden off of the seller through the duration of the sales process. At this time, timing is discussed as to when the property can go on the market.


On the Market

Once the property is on the market, agents will reach out to schedule an appointment to show the property to buyers. The home is hosted on Broker Tour where agents in the area can preview the property for their clients, and an Open Houses is scheduled so buyers and the public have the opportunity to visit during the allotted time without an appointment.


Offers & Escrow

Typically an offer date is determined ahead of time to ensure the home receives enough exposure while only attracting serious buyers. Once offers are received, they are reviewed and presented to the buyer key points are highlighted to help the seller choose the offer that is best. Our team manages the escrow process where timelines and updates are continually communicated. Transparency is key!


Are you contemplating selling your home? Are you interested in what your property might be worth in the current market? Do you want to learn more about 1031 Exchanges, selling investment properties, or when you can use your one-time tax deduction? We can help!

Whether you are interested in selling your home, or perhaps you are a homeowner that needs references for a contractor, electrician, or landscaper, we have a repertoire of recommended vendors that we can point you to. Reach out to us today with any specific requests and we will accommodate you as best we can!

Are you selling a home in an area we don’t cover? Call us anyway! We can refer you to a reputable agent in that area to make sure you are covered.

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