Buying a home this day and age can seem more overwhelming than ever. Increasing price points, competition, and lack of inventory certainly make it a challenge for any homebuyer to find exactly what they are looking for, regardless of price point. That being said, here at Parrish Properties we take great pride in ensuring we know the current inventory, health of the market, and we regularly attend networking events to stay up to speed on anything new and coming soon. Over the years, we have also developed strong relationships with other Real Estate professionals who know that we are thorough and trustworthy, and as a result we are highly respected in the industry.

In beginning to work with new buyers, we recommend contacting us for an appointment. We certainly feel it is important to ensure we are a good fit so that the process is positive and enjoyable for everyone. From here, we can also begin to understand what your needs are as a buyer – what are “nice to haves”, “need to haves”, preferable neighborhoods, pricing, etc.  Once we have these criteria narrowed down, we can set up automatic searches so our buyers are alerted any time a new home becomes available within their parameters. This introductory period also ensures transparency and strong communication from the start.


Make sure you get pre-approved by a reputable lender.

By submitting your financials and getting pre-approved, you are showing sellers that you are qualified to purchase their home. Lenders can break down what you can afford, for example what your monthly PITI (Principle, Interest, Tax, Insurance) will be at any given purchase price.


Interview Realtors and commit to working with one of them.

By committing to them, it ensures they are committed to you and your home search. Remember, Realtors do not get paid commission until they help you close escrow on a home so it is in their best interest to have your best interests in mind.


Know what you want in a home but be open-minded.

In the beginning, try to see as many properties as possible in person to familiarize yourself with current market. This will help your agent understand what you are really looking for in a home, and possibly open up your search to locations that weren’t on your radar!


Understand the process.

What happens once you get an accepted offer? Discuss this with your Realtor to understand the process and know your deadlines. Timelines can include contingencies such as Buyer Investigations, Appraisal, and Loan that can impact the close of escrow. Know what is expected of you and what your rights are as a buyer to ensure a smooth escrow process.


Purchase title insurance.

Once you’ve made one of the largest investments of your life, make sure you protect it! Title insurance has always been optional but its necessity is coming into question more frequently. Think of it this way: you purchase insurance to protect your home in the event of a disaster – why wouldn’t you purchase title insurance to protect your interest in the property?


Are you just getting started in your home search? Have you already purchased a home and need recommendations? We can help!

Whether you are looking for a reputable lender to get pre-approved for a purchase, or perhaps you have already bought a home and need an electrician or contractor, we have a repertoire of recommended personnel that we can point you to. Reach out to us today with any specific requests and we will accommodate you as best we can!

Are you looking to buy a home in an area we don’t cover? Call us anyway! We can refer you to a reputable agent in that area to make sure you are covered.

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